Engineering has an image problem, especially in the UK. This site is all about trying to change that, to re-imagine engineering for the 21st century.


Posts by Michelle L. Oyen, Reader in Bioengineering, Cambridge University Engineering Dept.


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  1. Dear Michelle – although you have some valid points about what girls in our generation faced I have some questions for you. I am not sure if you are a mom and if that perspective might change your opinions? The fact is our daughters DO live in a world of narratives and just because my daughter can create and act all parts of her own 3 act play does NOT mean she shouldn’t be learning to design, tinker, problem solve and generally “balance” both sides of her brain. The narrative and colors are just the attractants (like bees to flowers) but that doesn’t change the nectar inside! So if only girls who are attracted to the masculine version of engineering are the “real” or “serious” engineers aren’t we perpetuating a system that is clearly lacking in inclusiveness and true balance to what the human mind can accomplish? Thank you for your article because it helped me to clarify WHY I appreciate goldieblox and not just take the opportunity for my daughter for granted.

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